Dombey and Son

Dickens Day and Night

USC NAI Dickens Day & Night 2016 is a campus-wide thematic learning experience based on the works and times of Charles Dickens. With the Dickens Project, the USC NAI Theater Workshop and Exploring the Arts, South LA seniors produced arts projects bringing their study of the novel, the annual Dickens Universe selection, to life. In 2016, Dickens Day features projects based on Dombey and Son(1848). Dickens Day featured tea, interactive talks, art exhibits, blog launch for the campus community. Dickens Night concluded the day with the evening performance, House of Dombey, a production featuring live theater, music & fashion shows inspired by the novel

Book Summary

A wealthy shipping tycoon, obsessed with nurturing his male heir to take over his empire, neglects the far greater talents of his daughter, and in his myopic pride loses everything. Paul Dombey has wealth and the respect (if not love) of his neighbors and colleagues. What he doesn't have is a suitable heir for his shipping empire. Dombey does not seem to care that he already has a child – a daughter, Florence, who is smart and competent, and wants only her father's love and attention. Florence would be a perfect heir, but Dombey has his mind set on a son.